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Wit Large: Love Bites

Welcome to Love Bites, the show that dances like nobody’s watching, loves like it’s never been hurt, and eventually has its face eaten off by a cat.

From some of the award-winning brains behind Good News Week, The Glass House, Wednesday Night Fever & Back Seat Drivers comes a new live panel show about love in all its beautiful, horrifying, stupid, life-affirming and soul-destroying glory.

Whether it’s a ring on your finger or handcuffs on your stalker, Love Bites is your date with romance, sex, revenge and everything in-between. Join host Alice Fraser and a bevy of festival favourites as they root around the world of love and confess some of their own, most entertaining affairs.

We’ll be running trial shows at the Harold Park Hotel on December 4th and 5th. Get in at first base.