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Tim Ferguson at the Blue Mountains Film Festival

Tim Ferguson is coming to the Blue Mountains to teach the secrets of comedy screenwriting. He offers new ways to write stories, sketches, sitcoms and movies. He’s talking about devising comic conflict, using metaphor, juxtaposition, reversal, story structure, knowledge differential, pathos, subtext and the rhythms of comic dialogue, and how what you need to successfully pitch your ideas to producers.

And he’s doing it in two hours. When we named it an intensive workshop, we weren’t kidding. Be prepared for your head to expel blue sparks as Tim inspires a whole new approach to screenwriting. You will stop taking notes only to laugh as Tim delivers this seminar with his trademark charm and incisive wit.

Tickets are a steal at $30 AND if you book online you can also get a discount on The Cheeky Monkey Comedy Writing Manual, and Tim’s newly released book Carry a Big Stick.

The Details
Tim Ferguson’s Intensive Comedy Writing Workshop
1.00pm – 3.00pm
Sunday 6 October, 2013
The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba

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