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Wit Large is currently on hiatus. For any enquiries, please contact Dave Bloustien.

About Us

Wit Large was originally started by Dave Bloustien as a monthly showcase of intelligent comedy at Gleebooks Bookshop, where it attracted some of Australia’s sharpest comedic minds and a constellation of Critics’ Choice stars.

Dave Bloustien

Dave Bloustien

The aim was to create a space for smart and socially inclusive comedy: the sort of comedy you’re not necessarily going to see at a late-night comedy club.

Today Wit Large primarily operates as a production house, producing independent comedians and helping them develop their touring shows. We have produced shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and New Zealand International Comedy Festival, as well as independent seasons. We develop podcasts and theme nights, and have performers available for corporate events.

In 2013, Wit Large also began running a series of Cheeky Monkey comedy education courses taught by Australian comedy legend Tim Ferguson.

In 2014, Wit Large produced a critically acclaimed show for Laura Davis and a sell-out season of Ivan Aristeguieta at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. We also teamed up with Sarah Bennetto to co-produce an absurdly successful season of her Storytellers’ Club on the Popeye at the Adelaide Fringe.

In 2015, Wit Large took five shows by Dave and German comedy genius Paco Erhard on a five city tour of Australia and New Zealand. They have been garnering rave reviews and full-houses across the country.

At Wit Large, we pride ourselves on presenting comedy that avoids lazy racism, sexism and homophobia (also, energetic racism, sexism and homophobia). That’s not to say the material will necessarily be free of explicit language or adult concepts, so parental discretion is definitely advised.

From time to time, Wit Large also provides a space for world-class comedians to try something a little bit different. Our regular event at Gleebooks saw Wil Anderson improvise his autobiography, Judith Lucy trial a new show and international and local acts like Danny Bhoy and Tim Ferguson test new material.

If you’d like to get in touch about an event or a larger project, please use our contact page.